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A Step Towards Improving Lives

Apart from delivering quality, we also express our concern towards the quality of life that the underprivileged lead. Therefore, we have initiated a few practices to help the deprived improve their living conditions.

Our belief in spreading smiles led us to establish the ‘Fazlani Foundation’ comprising ‘Aishabai & Haji Abdil Latif Charitable Trust’ & ‘South Bombay Public Charitable Trust’.

Through this initiative, we have developed a ‘Children’s Village’ with four acres of land, and provide medical facilities across forty villages. We also introduced mobile van and telemedicine facilities in Takve village, Pune, at the campus of Fazlani Foundation Children’s Village. This facility is available to serve around forty villages in the nearby areas, therefore fulfilling the medical needs of a large number of disadvantaged residents. The telemedicine facility also provides state-of-the-art diagnostic treatment by health experts connected to Nanavati Hospital, Mumbai. Apart from being incredibly beneficial for these residents, it is also provided completely free of cost.

Additionally, we have initiated several facilities – such as sanitation and bore well – in the regions deprived of the respective provisions, while also providing basic education to children of disadvantaged families, unsecured loans to farmers, and several other utilitarian facilities in villages and towns to enhance the livelihood of the needy.