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The Brand Ideology

Food Earth aims to make life easier, healthier and tastier for people around the globe
by providing them with good quality organic food.



‘Fazlani Foods’ envisions to add convenience in the lives of the consumers globally through Ready to Eat meals, that are healthy along with great taste and quality. ‘Food Earth’ from the House of Fazlani, envisions to delight consumers worldwide by providing Organic and Nutrient-rich Ready to Eat meals for a better health and living.



Food Earth provides the most exotic Indian dishes, in the healthiest form with the best organic ingredients. It thrives on delivering convenience to customers through effortless and healthy meals.


Our Approach

The Philosophy and Approach behind our Organic Ready-to-Eat Range is quite simple – provide delicious, nutritious food, without the hassle of cooking. We have conducted extensive research into the daily nutrient requirements and taste preferences of different people from different walks of life across the globe. After a thorough understanding of this, we have come up with the perfect combination of delicious and nutritious food which is also incredibly easy to make! With our diverse and delightful Ready-to-Eat Food Range, time shortage shall never again stop you from having access to tasty, nutritious food.

Chairman's Message

‘Fazlani Foods’, a brand from the ‘House of Fazlani’, started with a dream to go global with its authentic Ready-To-Eat Indian Cuisine.

The whole idea was to address the two most important factors in today’s time – Health and Convenience. This vision leads us to the packaged healthy Ready-To-Eat and high on convenience food. All of this was possible only with the recent technological advancement in the Food Industry.

We take immense pleasure in taking a step further to introduce ‘Food Earth’ that is born with our clear vision to fill the gap for Organic Ready-To-Eat food. The brand that aspires to be synonymous to Organic Living.

This is the most unique amalgamation of Organic, Health and Convenience. The whole idea is to bring back the Natural Living – From procurement to final product. And we have made this absolute with our entire Value Chain.

With ‘Food Earth’ we are setting newer footprints and the benchmarks in the Food Industry. Organic Eating will be part of most of ours Natural Living in the coming times and so will ‘Food Earth’.

Till then.

Eat Organic, Stay Fantastic!

Dr. Abdul Kader Fazlani
Group Chairman

Managing Director's Message

Since the inception of ‘Fazlani Foods’, we have always strived towards adding convenience in today’s consumers everyday life and providing them with a healthier tomorrow.

We believe that keeping consumers convenience as the core objective of our businesses will always help us develop meaningful products.

It is in our DNA to stay ahead of the time – and we simply love this habit of ours. The right mix of technology and right energy of our team helps us build such unique concepts to serve you better.

Our endeavor to keep the consumers at the core is the primary reason for ‘Food Earth’.

‘Food Earth’ from the House of Fazlani is a pioneer in the ready to eat meals bringing you 100% Organic food in a convenient microwavable tray. The main aim of ‘Food Earth’ besides making life easier and tastier is to make it healthier by providing 100% Organic food with emphasis on preserving the natural health benefits of all ingredients.

For decades, we’ve been able to earn your trust and confidence by consistently providing you products that stand for unmatched quality and impeccable service, with a passion to deliver. Today with ‘Food Earth’ as we work to expand the company’s footprint in the emerging healthy convenient ready to eat meals sector, we hope to provide our large base of loyal consumers an enjoyable culinary experience.

Eat Organic, Stay Fantastic!

Iqbal Fazlani
Managing Director