Why Food Earth?

100% Organic



Requires No Refrigeration

Heat & Eat

Gluten Free

Plant Based

No Added Preservatives

No Additives

Shelf Stable Meals

Healthy, Hearty & Hassle Free

Great Taste in 90 Seconds


Peel off the sealing film


Microwave for 90 seconds (Ovens power may vary)


Stir and serve hot

Food Earth Aims to Make Life Easier, Healthier & Tastier

What are our customers saying?

I loved this curry. From pantry to table in less than 2 minutes was amazing! You don't need to add anything (not even water). I have to admit that I was dubious of the quality, but it turned out super tasty. A bit spicy for my taste but not overwhelming. I can't wait to try the other flavors and wish they had many more. Will definitely stock up on these. Honestly everyone should have a bunch ready to go on crazy busy days.


Verified Tastermonial Customer

I didn't know what to expect, but this turned out to be a nice meal. Not heavily spiced, eggplant is tender but not mushy, and the rice is very long grain, cooked just right. I enjoy as a quick lunch and have browned some hamburger to make it into a hearty dinner. I'd buy it again.

Verified Customer

I love the flavors. I like that the product stores in the cabinet. Before microwaving, the plastic seal needs to be removed. It is sealed very very tightly, which is good for the food but it is a little difficult for me to remove the seal. If you invert the product before trying to remove the seal, you've made yourself a messier job. I know, first world problem!

Verified Customer

From Amazon

Excellent go to meal when there's no time to cook. I don't want to know what's in here that's bad for me but once in a while when you need something quick and halfway healthy this would be it for me. We are big Indian foodies and know what dishes should taste like. These meals are spot on to me. I keep some in my desk at work for those days when you just can't get away.

Verified Customer

From Amazon

The Potato and Peas Curry was delicious. It was very convenient as it had zero meal prep. Flavor too was great. Right amount of spice. I gave a couple of trays to my neighbours to try knowing that they like Indian Food and they are always looking for tasty, easy and convenient meal options and they too absolutely loved these. Without doubt these ready to eat Indian meals will definitely become an item to keep in the pantry.

Verified Customer

From Amazon

OH MY GOD YOU GUYS. This was so Good. @foodearth_organic nailed it on a good #chanamasala that is shelf stable. Next time i go to the @sugarbeetfoodcoop I'm gonna get more for the pantry for days when feeding myself is hard.


For Chick Peas Curry

The food is vegetarian, which is safer for prepared food that is not refrigerated. The food itself had a good balance of spices & was mild in terms of spiciness. I added some red chilli pepper powder, little coriander & cumin to mine to make it a little hotter for my taste but is has a good blend to start with. One plate is filling enough that you can go on your way feeling a little hungry.

Verified Customer

From Amazon

As an office worker, it was very convenient for a quick lunch or dinner. Only issue is that the color of what’s inside is not like the picture, it’s fairly homogeneous brown. But it still is a good quick meal and quite tasty. Super convenient since you don’t need to have other dishes. I will get it again, undoubtedly.

Karl E Misulis

FGood, convenient, overall excellent value.

Filling, delicious and easy to make authentic organic gluten free and vegan Indian meal! Better than all the other brands I have tried. Even comes in a recyclable packaging!

Helene Ludwig

Verified Customer From Amazon

There are 5 different tastes; I've only had 2. One I liked a lot; the other was a little too spicy, but I fixed it by adding more veggies and then, yogurt.... and then, it was pretty good, too. For me, this kind of meal is very good. I like to add my own protein; it was easy to do using their meal packaging. I would buy it again.

Leslie kay

Verified Customer From Amazon